The World is Looking at SaaS-Based QMS Platforms. Are You?

Cloud-based QMS

Did you know? As per IDC survey, 84% of net new software is now SaaS, and 74% of large enterprises using cloud will increase their cloud spend by greater than 20% of their budget.

What could be the primary reason driving SaaS adoption?

  • Easier and faster to deploy than on-premise solution
  • Best alternative for new regional deployment
  • Limited capital expense
  • Higher user acceptance than on-premise solution
  • Reduction in IT resources in implementation
  • Negligible data center capacity issues

SaaS-based QMS (Quality Management Solutions)

SaaS-Based QMS
Ref: Quality & Regulatory Network

Usage of SaaS/Cloud-based systems for Quality Management Solutions

While approximately 15% of organizations have been using less than 10% SaaS/cloud-based systems for Quality Management Solutions, nearly 9 % have been using 100% digital platforms.

Change is inevitable, and speed is the mantra. In this fast-paced world, people want quick access to data, anytime, anywhere. Improved throughput is one more reason for these changes. Additionally, enhanced content services promise positive ROIs. Hence, organizations are keen towards investing in technologies that support the distributed and diverse nature of content services.

The advent of digital workplace platforms is here, where organizations look to a modern technology stack and cloud-based solutions for improved usability, agility, and increased ROI.

Although cloud-based applications prove to be profitable in different business operations, the regulatory industry is still skeptical about a cloud-based QMS due to fear of compliance and security concerns. However, the changing trends and tangible benefits are persuading organizations to reconsider their misgivings, at least for a second thought on cloud/ SaaS-based QMS solutions.

Here are some of the observations/benefits of cloud-based QMS solutions:

  1. Collaboration: Going forward, every single business operation will rely on cloud/SaaS-based platforms to store and access the data. Interestingly, quality management is applicable to every department within an organization, not excluding external suppliers. Hence, accuracy and transparency can be achieved when there is a collaboration among various operations. Thus, SaaS brings them together on one platform ensuring end-to-end visibility.
  2. Goodbye to IT dependency: On-premise solutions depend on IT services for installation, deployment, and maintenance. If you are running operations in multiple sites, it means your expenditure on IT is on a high note. On the other hand, a cloud platform can help reduce IT dependencies and overall implementation cost.
  3. Focus on core competencies: While on-premise applications demand organizations’ time and resources to stand up the system, a SaaS-based platform can help accomplish within less time, as version updates are pushed rather than installed. That means, organizations can now avoid managing software installations and instead, they can focus on core competencies.
  4. Distributed and on-demand: SaaS-based platforms support distributed and remote collaboration allowing regional and global workforces to work in unison and avoid costly delays due to siloed data and restrained collaboration.
  5. Overall performance: A SaaS-based platform helps enhance system performance by increasing bandwidth and memory.
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While some of these observations may help you reconsider a SaaS-based QMS (Quality Management System), Xybion can support you in meeting all your business objectives including dealing with quality findings, managing contractors, suppliers and third-party service providers with its cloud-based Digital Workplace Platform.

Given the powerful toolset, Xybion’s single cloud platform allows organizations to rapidly tailor the quality management software to best fit their workflows, SOPs, document standards, and business considerations. In addition to providing a digital workplace for all stakeholders, Xybion’s solution helps the lower total system-wide cost of operations and improves workplace efficiencies.


The World is Looking at SaaS-Based QMS Platforms. Are You?
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The World is Looking at SaaS-Based QMS Platforms. Are You?
The World is Looking at SaaS-Based QMS Platforms. Are You? Read this blog for more insights.
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