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Document Management


Xybion’s eQCM is an enterprise-class quality management software solution and provides an integrated document management solution as part of its quality management workflow.  Enterprise document management control is essential to good governance.  Xybion offers an integrated document management module that delivers robust enterprise document management capabilities to support your quality management program.  Our integrated document management provides the ability to quickly find, share and access all document types from an easy-to-use and secure environment.

The eQCM document management module provides full document control over different types of file formats, keeping a detailed history of all changes. eQCM’s document management provides cycle control over the creation, approval, modification and retirement of obsolete versions of documents. Automated workflows ensure that documents are routed through all applicable reviewers and authorized in a controlled manner that complies with all regulated document management requirements, including the collection of electronic signatures for specified workflow actions.   Document tasks are sent to a centralized workload and notifications to the user’s e-mail facilitating the timely completion of critical document activities.

eQCM  facilitates compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), FDA regulations, ISO requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and other governing regulations and standards which require that companies manage document versions, control which documents are available to employees, and ensure that appropriate change control procedures are followed when revising documents.

The Xybion eQCM™suite delivers a comprehensive platform for GRC and quality management. Our comprehensive solution includes embedded best practices and flexibility for deployment in any systems environment. eQCM™is seamlessly integrated with standard enterprise technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, EMC/Documentum and others to ensure compatibility with most systems environments.

The key benefits of our overall solution are:

  • Enterprise Platform as a Service
  • On-Premise, SaaS Deployment Options
  • Advanced Integrated Technologies
  • Flexible Process Control Engine
  • Compliant With Current Regulatory Guidelines
  • Compatible With OCEG GRC Framework Ensures Sustained Compliance and Governance