Akos, the Leading Telemedicine Pioneer in Workers’ Compensation Medical Management Selects Xybion’s Workers’ Comp Cloud™ for Revenue & Practice Management   - Digital Acceleration for Highly Regulated Companies | Quality-Ingrained | Compliance-Embedded | Unified Operational

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Akos, the Leading Telemedicine Pioneer in Workers’ Compensation Medical Management Selects Xybion’s Workers’ Comp Cloud™ for Revenue & Practice Management  

Lawrenceville, New Jersey and Phoenix, Arizona – March 14, 2018 – Xybion Corporation, a global technology solutions provider for companies operating in highly regulated industries, announced today that Akos, a pioneer in telemedicine, has entered into a partnership with Xybion to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Akos’ telemedicine services with a powerful, cloud-based, revenue and practice management solution.

Telemedicine offers significant benefits to the workers’ compensation sector by providing 24/7/365 access to treatment for employees without the need for travel, which increases employee productivity and promotes faster return-to-work.  Akos’ cutting edge telemedicine platform creates an opportunity to revolutionize the workers’ compensation medical care delivery process.  By leveraging Xybion’s Workers’ Comp Cloud™, Akos will improve the process by offering employers prompt access to management of workers’ compensation claims resulting from telemedicine encounter.  The comprehensive digital billing solution offered by Xybion will help Akos optimize the revenue cycle by monitoring deviations and streamlining daily billing processes.  The mobile-enabled platform by Xybion allows telemedicine networks to configure the best workflows according to their business activities.  Additionally, it helps improve compliance with embedded statutory and nationally recognized evidence-based guidelines while complying with federal mandates.

“Akos is at the forefront of a seismic shift in how injured workers receive on-demand medical care,” commented Dr. Kishlay Anand, Akos’ Founder and CEO.  Dr. Anand continued, “Akos’ advanced telemedicine platform simplifies and streamlines the way work-related injuries and illnesses are managed.  Our telemedicine solution will benefit tremendously from Xybion’s Workers’ Comp Cloud™, and together we can continue to drive the digital acceleration in the workers’ compensation industry.”

Expressing his views on the partnership, Xybion’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Pradip Banerjee, stated, “We saw a fractured market for software solutions in the workers’ comp space and created an all-in-one purpose-built solution that provides operational efficiencies while ensuring data integrity throughout the organization.” Dr. Banerjee further added, “We are excited to partner with another technology leader in the digital healthcare space and provide a solution that helps them deliver better value to their customers.”

About Xybion Corporation

Xybion is the leading provider of software, services and consulting for global corporations operating in highly regulated industries.  Xybion’s Digital Acceleration Platform based Workers’ Comp CloudTM offers multiple apps for processing and review of billing, health & safety, OSHA reporting, case management, EMR/EHR for workplace injury management, and medical care.  Xybion’s cloud-based, low-code digital platform unifies and simplifies business processes for employers, providers, payors in the workers’ comp arena and injury management industry.

Since its founding in 1977, Xybion Corporation has provided software solutions and services for R&D and compliance to global pharmaceutical, medical technology and bio-pharmaceutical companies for the FDA approval process.  Xybion has over 150 customers in sixteen countries in all five continents including all of the top 20 bio-pharmaceutical companies. For more information please visit www.xybion.com

About Akos

Developed by a team of leading physicians in Phoenix, Arizona, Akos opened its first virtual healthcare practice in 2016.  A contemporary telemedicine provider showcasing a new type of virtual healthcare practice, Akos offers the first complete healthcare solution for patients, physicians, employers and healthcare centers across the United States.  By combining smart technology, seamless design, a patient-centric approach, grassroots strategy, and the collective power of a preferred provider network, Akos is reinventing the healthcare delivery model one virtual call at a time.  Available 24/7/365 days a year, patients can get unparalleled access to board-certified physicians in their area via a smartphone or tablet.  For more information or to download our app, visit www.AkosMD.com.

Leading India-Based CRO, Signs Pristima® and Savante™ Software Licensing Agreement with Xybion

Lawrenceville, New Jersey – March 09, 2018 – Xybion Corporation, a US-based global technology solutions provider for companies operating in the highly regulated industries, announced today that Jai Research Foundation, a leading India-based CRO with global operations in the U.K, U.S and Japan, has signed a software licensing agreement for Pristima®, Xybion’s flagship preclinical solution, and Savante™, its popular module for production of FDA compliant SEND submissions.

This agreement is the conclusion of an exhaustive search by JRF Global to find a best-of-breed preclinical solution that would best serve its business needs and requirements. As a result, JRF Global will leverage Pristima’s core components, such as Clinical Pathology, Animal Room, Necropsy Room, and Histopathology to support its pre-clinical laboratory services.

Xybion will provide Pristima® and Savante™ Software to support JRF Global’s AAALAC and OECD GLP accredited research facility. In addition, Pristima® will be interfaced to support real-time communications with clinical pathology instruments at JRF Global through interfaces and file import for legacy instruments.

“JRF Global was looking for a comprehensive software solution, which would align with our core values of reliability, innovation and integrity and enhance our staff productivity while optimizing our pre-clinical operations,” stated by Dr. Abhay Deshpande, CEO of JRF Global. “We went through a thorough analysis of requirements mapping and we found that Xybion’s partnership and their industry leading Pristima software platform is the right solution fit for our organization.”

Carlos Frade, Vice President of Preclinical R&D Solutions at Xybion expressed confidence in this partnership stating, “We are excited about being selected by JRF Global for our pre-clinical solution suite. With Xybion’s decades of expertise in the pre-clinical market and deployment of our Pristima® and Savante™ solutions, I am certain that JRF Global will accrue immense benefits, supporting their mission of Quality Science & Integrity in Research.”

Xybion’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Pradip Banerjee went on to say “We look forward to a long-term relationship with JRF Global, to support their global reach of preclinical research services.  At Xybion, we strive to earn the trust and support of our clients and create a lasting position of a valued partner.” Dr. Banerjee continued, “This partnership is another indication that Xybion’s reputation continues to grow globally as we seek to set an industry benchmark for preclinical solutions in the APAC market.”

About Xybion Corporation

Xybion is the leading provider of software, services and consulting for global corporations operating in highly regulated industries. Our unique solutions focus on regulatory compliance, GRC, quality management, GLP, integrated preclinical lab management, early-stage drug discovery, content migration and systems validation. Xybion specializes in helping companies improve their overall compliance processes and provides a complete view into organizational risk across global organizational models.

Xybion’s combination of software, business process management, services, validation, and staffing enables us to cover a broad spectrum of critical business needs for companies and we deliver our solutions on a global scale. Since its founding in 1977, Xybion Corporation has supported, through software, services and consulting, 100% of the top 20 global life sciences companies. Our leadership in this dynamic and ever-changing industry has been a cornerstone of our high-value reputation.


About Jai Research Foundation,

Established as a Research Laboratory in 1977, Jai Research Foundation is the leading  pre-clinical Contract Research Organization in Asia, with its facilities at Valvada, near Vapi, Gujarat, India. JRF Global’s research facility is accredited by AAALAC as well as Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (35/1999/CPCSEA) with respect to humane and ethical treatment of laboratory animals. JRF Global was endorsed for compliance with OECD principles of GLP in 1996 by GLP Monitoring authority of the Government of the Netherlands. JRF Global is now certified by NGCMA (GLC/C-0031), post India’s entry into the OECD MAD (Mutual Acceptance of Data) council, as a full adherent since 2011.

The facility comprises of over 158,000 Sq. Ft. of floor space accommodating dedicated laboratories for Toxicology from India, and another 50,000 Sq.Ft. for Product chemistry, Analytical, Bioanalytical and Residue Chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Environmental fate and metabolism studies, offered from India, the US and Japan.  Their expertise spans across in vitro as well as in vivo safety studies with specialisation in inhalation and reproductive toxicity, as well as challenging analytical solutions. JRF Global believes remaining in the forefront of meeting the new regulatory studies in Asia.  They were the first CRO in Asia to launch and the complete bouquet of in vitro eye, skin as well as kinetic studies for dermal absorption and penetration, as well as tier I Endocrine Disruption suite.


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