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The eQCM-XD Difference

eQCM-XD is built on the Xybion Digital Acceleration Platform, a new low-code technology stack that powers faster innovation, increased operational efficiency, and reduced cost. eQCM-XD was designed for regulated industries where high levels of regulations and strict evidence based documentation of activities are necessary for both compliance and/or for safety and liability management. The platform helps global organizations effectively automate, manage and control compliance and quality process flows, such as, risk management, corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), deficiency, non-conformance, customer complaints, audit management, training and competency-based learning management, incident management, Risk, Internal Control, and more.

Xybion’s Digital Acceleration Platform: Simplify & Unify

DAP_Small_1186 x 798 pxeQCM-XD is the industry’s only QMS that integrates the three core principles of a Digital Acceleration Platform. The Digital Acceleration Platform is based on Xybion’s XD platform and incorporates:

Unified Operational Integration Framework

The foundation of the Digital Acceleration Platform is the “Unified Operational Ecosystem.” It is ONE system that combines operational applications, quality management and compliance.

Intelligence regarding quality and compliance is applied to business processes as they happen, instead of being done retroactively by siloed applications. eQCM-XD ensures process fidelity, data integrity, and chain of custody protection across your organization.

Rapid Configuration Engine

eQCM-XD is built on Xybion’s highly configurable, low-code technology stack which facilitates “configurations” vs. “customizations.” This Rapid Configuration Engine solves the “Last Mile” problem, where the only way to fully align applications to the company’s needs is to develop client specific customizations. By providing customizations as configurations, Xybion delivers customizations within days as opposed to weeks.

Intelligent Digital Workplace

eQCM-XD facilitates an Intelligent Digital Workplace that enables team members to collaborate via the cloud, with full calendar, alerts, chat, and email capabilities. It provides this Intelligent Digital Workplace to your entire team – both internal team members and external partners and processes.

eQCM-XD Key Features:

Embedded Enterprise Content Management:

eQCM-XD has a powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system integrated with the process management and workflow engines built in the XD Platform. It has all the features and functions inherent to any best of breed content management system. The XD platform’s query system supports 100% search capability for every word and workflow, while the embedded ECM allows rapid creation of any report based on selected meta data or search words. Built-in analytics allows for rapid creation of customized dashboards that enable you to manage workflows, know where each document is in its life-cycle, and understand who has control over the document at any time. Dealing with an external audit or Inspection questions is a simple affair… It allows you to quickly render any document classified by type, department, creator, data content, etc., along with full audit trail.

Embedded Business Process Management:

As a purpose-built, cloud-based enterprise process-driven quality & compliance management platform, eQCM-XD utilizes a case management functionality that is built on top of a robust Business Process Management (BPM) engine and other integrated document and quality, compliance, risk and governance capabilities. eQCM-XD is designed to facilitate detailed and consistent BPM for regulated industries and commercial enterprises.

The platform incorporates adaptable BPM capabilities and out-of-the-box compliance, quality, risk and governance features that allow organizations to manage various data collection, cases, issues, actions, follow-up, complaints, audits, checklists, events, ethics and compliance, and many other business activities.

Leveraging Proactive Workflows:

eQCM-XD delivers a foundational set of consistent workflow processes that enable proactive management of tasks and activities particularly helpful in Corrective Actions / Preventive Actions in a timely manner. Managers can create and store action plans in a library for reuse saving valuable time in planning actions.

Additionally, eQCM-XD has intuitive, powerful configuration options for building workflows, forms and rules in accordance with your business process which help in monitoring various performance objectives.  Pick/select fields, form design, business rules on fields, flow, and notifications are all configurable. The search and reporting capabilities allow the organization to report on the various benchmarking information across their portfolio.

eQCM-XD is unique in its ability to be quickly configured at module, sub-module, workflow, screen and field levels. The full platform can automate workflows, manage content, integrate into existing technology environments, as well as granularly control and secure the activities of the different user roles within the system.

Modular – Deploy Only What You Need, When You Need it:

eQCM-XD consists of a suite of modularized components which can be added to a core implementation as the organization’s needs grow and change. Our solution is designed for maximum flexibility and easy adoption to any organization’s unique quality and compliance processes.

eQCM-XD’s modular platform architecture allows you to deploy ONLY the functionality that you need TODAY yet remain positioned to scale and rapidly ramp up new functionality as needed without disrupting existing business operations. eQCM provides “One Platform” and “One Solution” to meet your immediate business demands, and the dexterity to drive each step of your organization’s strategic roadmap.

Modules of the eQCM Quality Management Software System

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