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Quality Management Reporting

Xybion’s eQCM-XD quality management software platform provides for a comprehensive quality management reporting and analytics solution. One of the major challenges facing highly regulated companies today is developing a single, consistent, and complete view of compliance-related information across all applications, databases, and enterprise systems.

In order to achieve sustained compliance and reduce regulatory risk, companies need “actionable compliance intelligence” that delivers real-time areas of non-compliance, negative trends, and areas that need attention. With this type of actionable intelligence, companies can easily identify areas that pose the greatest risk and target their resources appropriately. Developing such a comprehensive view of compliance activity is not easy, but it is crucial to a company’s success and ability to comply with any number of state, federal, and international government regulations.

eQCM-XD Compliance Intelligence™ delivers a balanced scorecard for enterprise compliance. eQCM-XD Compliance Intelligence™ provides easy-to-read dashboard views of your organization’s compliance with any critical internal and external regulations in an integrated fashion. eQCM-XD Compliance Intelligence™ enables the organization to assess compliance accurately, rapidly, and consistently.

eQCM-XD Compliance Intelligence™ can be applied at the highest corporate level, across each of the business units throughout the enterprise, or at any organizational level in-between. This allows organizations to run compliance reports and conduct quality control assessments that reflect actionable intelligence as frequently as desired, allowing them to assess their compliance and correct deficiencies or inaccuracies before releasing reports for “roll up” to the compliance officer or headquarters.

The summary reports within eQCM-XD Compliance Intelligence™ reflect the compliance status and trends of each subordinate organization across multiple aspects of the compliance program. Your compliance management team or Officer can thus instantly view the compliance level of the entire organization and quickly assess the success of your overall compliance program.

The Xybion eQCM-XD suite delivers a comprehensive platform for GRC and quality management. Our comprehensive solution includes embedded best practices and flexibility for deployment in any systems environment. eQCM-XD is seamlessly integrated with standard enterprise technologies including Microsoft, Oracle, Documentum and others to ensure compatibility with most systems environments.

The key benefits of our overall solution are:

  • Enterprise Platform as a Service
  • On-Premise, SaaS Deployment Options
  • Advanced Integrated Technologies
  • Flexible Process Control Engine
  • Compliant With Current Regulatory Guidelines
  • Compatible With OCEG GRC Framework Ensures Sustained Compliance and Governance
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