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Workers Comp Cloud

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Introducing a new Medical Bill Review Platform to the Care Management Industry

Xybion, a leader in creating technology to support highly regulated environments since 1977, has created the Workers’ Comp Cloud™, delivering a full suite of integrated applications that provides increased operational efficiencies and lowered costs.

Xybion is proud to introduce its medical bill review platform and suite of integrated applications to the care management industry. No longer will you need to manage and tolerate “islands of data” as Workers’ Comp Cloud delivers a “single source of truth.” Integrating with existing claims systems and other third-party vendors, Xybion offers one cloud platform ensuring data integrity throughout your organization. Our digital solution represents the convergence of people and technology, bridging the gap between the employee, provider and payer in the workers’ comp and auto industries.

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Workers Comp Cloud

Key Benefits:

  • Leverages embedded decision-tree algorithms based on ACOEM’s Occupational Medicine Practice
    Guidelines and other Evidence-Based Guidelines.
  • Facilitates provision of the right care at the right time to the right patient by utilizing Bio-Psycho-Social factors driven medical practices and risk management.
  • Establishes initial medical necessity and substantiates medical treatment efficacy leading to optimized demonstrable outcomes.
  • Makes reporting & legal compliance easier.
  • Helps organizations comply with OSHA 29CFR regulations and supports the OSHA 18001 framework.
  • Reduces cycle time and cost of claim processing. Reduced unnecessary denial.

List of Available Apps:

  • Bill Review
  • OSHA Reporting
  • Enterprise Content
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Care & Case Management
  • State Reporting
  • Health & Safety
  • Network Management
  • Evidence-Based Medical Billing
  • E-Occ Health Practice Management
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Workers’ Comp Cloud – Brochure

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Bill Review – Brochure

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