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pathbuilder swiss army knife PathBuilder™ is an award-winning application with powerful capabilities designed to facilitate the federation of disparate enterprise content repositories.  This unique application enables full integration of disparate content repositories into one single, searchable system.  Pathbuilder™ delivers out-of-the-box seamless connectivity between more than 30 different commercial content management systems.  With PathBuilder™, organizations have the ability to manage and control all records-class content through one centralized records management application.


Solution Features:

Leverage Native Content Repositories  – Leverage existing records and content stores by leaving content in its native repository and create aliases of each record.

Comprehensive Federated Records Management – Manage file plans, retention schedules and records disposition across multiple repositories.

Federated Search and Retrieval –  Conduct a single federated search across multiple disparate repositories.

Uniform Policy Management – Apply key records management policies such as records disposition and hold consistently across all record and content management systems.

Federated Content Management The PathBuilder specifically addresses organization’s need to integrate disparate content repositories with a single records management policy engine by creating a gateway to various repositories. Once connected, the Vital Path Suite™ allows organizations to manage and control all of their records class content through one centralized records management application.

Key solution features include

Federation – Connect, manage in-place, control and search on records through one centralized application

Integration – Provide a transparent view of mission critical information between disparate repositories to increase visibility, accessibility, and functionality

Replication – A mirror image of your information that changes simultaneously to enhance multisite accessibility

Migration – Easily and rapidly migrate simple or complex content and meta-data structures in a secure and managed environment