Implementing Equipment Calibration Best Practices.

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Xybion supported a global leader in sterilization services, through ComplianceBuilder™ for adding additional controls for real-time monitoring of corporate documents in their SharePoint Library for dynamic and static patterns of use.

“There were limited choices available for real-time monitoring and reporting on SharePoint. We were interested in access above defined thresholds. As we described our needs with Xybion, they offered the ComplianceBuilder solution as an option and it has been very reliable in doing exactly what we needed it to do” 

– Michael Smith, Vice President, Information Technology.

About Compliance Builder

ComplianceBuilder is a flexible compliance software solution designed to provide real-time monitoring of IT Sub Systems for ensuring data integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance. By generating audit trails and providing configurable electronic signatures, ComplianceBuilder allows you to securely track changes across all IT subsystems including file systems, databases and laboratory equipment. It can be configured to monitor any file-based system for changes, including additions, deletions, and file modifications. This is accomplished through a security wrapper that can be placed around the application and file storage area and by monitoring file changes, including file creation, deletion or modification.