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ComplianceBuilder-Product Demo

Data Integrity is imperative, not an option.

Reduce Organizational Risk,  Improve Compliance, and Ensure Data Integrity. Learn more about Xybion’s ComplianceBuilder.


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Enables functionality managing eSignatures, user sign-offs, email alerts.


Enables to generate readable and understandable records.


Tracks data real-time.


Stores the file revision in a unique, secure data repository for ready retrieval of revision history.


Ensures every electronic record has completeness, consistency, and accuracy of data.


Full audit trails, electronic signatures and revision history enables organizations to reduce or minimize compliance risks for critical file-based systems, databases, and laboratory equipment.

Enables to promote compliance with internal business practices and operating procedures, critical for companies operating in controlled GxP environments through secured layer.

Allows to import data from Microsoft® excel spreadsheets, word documents, or any other file based system.

Offers management and control of any RDBMS-based system, SQL-based applications, batch systems and custom-developed DB applications.

Alerts the SharePoint® administrator when a user exceeds the thresholds.

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