Built-in Regulatory Controls

Regulatory ComplianceSupports electronic signatures, records archival, and reporting.
Advanced Search and Retrieval CapabilityCentralized search including full text search over document content
Comprehensive ReportingAuto generation of formatted reports with ingested system data that can be edited onscreen or sent to other formats such as Word or PDF for utilization.
Audit Trail & Administrative ControlsIncludes searches and field level tool-tip audit trails.
Comprehensive Library Services (Version Control)The standard check-in/check-out feature provides controlled secure access and flexible revision capabilities, history showing document revision history and document workflow information.
Seamless Integration With Desktop Productivity ApplicationsConfigurable e-mail notifications sent to MS Outlook or other MAPI compliant email system and tasks to alert affected users of periodic reviews, document tasks, and changes in the document status.
File Format NeutralConstraints can be set to restrict upload of potentially harmful file types, but the system otherwise is file format neutral
Configurable Document Folder StructureSystem allows user created hierarchy of folders and an auto folder creation system
Powerful, Integrated Document Workflow CapabilityOut of the box document workflows for periodic review, collaborative review, approval, publishing, training and expiry.  These workflows are built on the document workflow designer which these workflows to be modified to meet the customer needs, if necessary, with customer metadata, business rule routing, and specialized tasks.

Integration with other XDP ECM modules so that content from the repository can be included in other compliance processes such as audits, for example.

Collaborative Document Lifecycle ProcessMultiple reviewers can collaborate with comments and document markups
Comprehensive Document SecurityXD ECM offers a robust, configurable security model that allows you to apply security profiles based on document life-cycle stages
Document Import/ExportImport tools allow rapid upload of bulk documents
Embedded PDF rendering and annotation capabilitiesUsers have the flexibility to specify automatic PDF conversion for documents within the repository.  Additionally, users can import and annotate PDF documents.
Predictive Compliance CapabilitiesAutomated review and predictive compliance of submitted documents versus established company templates
Document TaxonomyDocument Type specifications which allow users to specify rendering schemes, unique numbering and document roles for similar groups of documents.
Configurable DashboardsSecurable, configurable dashboards provide transparency and drill down capabilities to rapidly assess high priority areas and act on them