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The more things change, the more they stay the same

Prior to joining Xybion, I was with a Life Sciences pharmaceutical company, specifically at one of their manufacturing facility.  In 1998, we had just implemented Maximo® at our manufacturing facility with the high expectations of utilizing technology to reduce paper and increase efficiency.  No sooner after the go live, came the complaints about the ‘burden’ the new system had placed on the departments by requiring the users to enter data for the variety of work orders assigned to them. And in addition to the data entry- we were now generating more paper than ever before.

It didn’t take long for management to be concerned and asked us why would we implement a ‘high tech type writer’ in a facility that was embracing wireless technology in other critical areas such as warehouse management and document management solutions.   Surely there had to be a solution for making Maximo® ‘paperless’.

After making some inquiries with PSDI/MRO, a recommendation was made to look at the solution from Syclo, LLC.  It was at the 1999 ‘Maximo® World Conference’ that we first saw a demonstration of the Syclo SMART for Maximo® Work Manager solution.  It ran on a HP Jornada (pictured) and the Jornada had a PCMCIA slot that could utilize a ‘wireless’ card that conveniently worked with our facilities newly installed ‘open air’ Wi-Fi.   It was an ‘a ha’ moment.  THIS was the solution to get ‘paperless’ with Maximo®.

Shortly after the conference, we had our first purchase of the Syclo solution and were up and running in prototype soon after.  By the summer of 2000, we went live with Maximo® 4.11 and Syclo SMART, and had a paperless work order management system in use.

Fifteen years later- many things have changed since that time- I am now with Xybion providing solutions to optimize the use of Maximo® for companies. PSDI/MRO became IBM, and offers their own mobile solution for Maximo®, and Syclo, LLC is now part of SAP and offers SAP Mobile (formerly Syclo).

At our last user group meeting that we hosted in Philadelphia, one of the main topics that participants were struggling with was mobile.  Many in the room were Syclo users. Others were not using mobile, but were looking to, especially in the ‘smart’ phone area.   With several projects behind us, as well as a substantial presence from SAP at the IBM Interneconnect shows, I am still recommending, as I have done in the past- to go with the SAP Mobile solution for Maximo®.

HP Jornada
Syclo on HP Jornada
Syclo on a ‘tough book’ with WinXP
SAP Mobile aka Syclo on iOS device



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