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CDISC- Send Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Xybion delivers business value by extending your laboratory data management enterprise. Specifically designed to support the creation, validation, on-going maintenance of CDISC-SEND compliant nonclinical data sets, our business process outsourcing services combine deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, and partnership approach to deliver comprehensive solutions that utilize best practices and minimize organizational risk.

The value of business process outsourcing is realized by optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly. Xybion delivers the entire spectrum of CDISC-SEND business process outsourcing services. From simple data aggregation and formatting to advanced analytics and reporting, Xybion can help you achieve SEND-compliance and perform critical quality assurance functions on preclinical data sets that ultimately drive regulatory submissions.


We help our clients leverage outsourcing services to improve their business performance, driving research and development efficiencies and innovation. Rather than focusing on data aggregation, cleaning, and formatting, organizations can partner with Xybion professional services to manage data sets and oversee related business processes in the GLP environment.