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Workplace Health Safety Quality Management


A Next Gen Digital Cloud Platform for Workplace Health Safety Quality Management

Leveraging its expertise as a leading software, services and consulting provider for companies operating in the highly regulated industry since 1977, Xybion offers an end-to-end, cloud-based digital acceleration platform for Workplace Health and Safety, delivering improved outcomes in safety and liability management.

Designed exclusively for Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine industries, Xybion’s Emidence™-XD helps global organizations manage workplace health & safety across multiple sites of a single org, allowing organizations to operate on a single system with automated workflows.



Key Benefits:

  • A low-code technology stack that leverages the core principles of Unified Operational Ecosystem, Rapid Configuration Engine & Intelligent Digital Workplace for true Digital Acceleration, not just Transformation
  • Improves quality and compliance with enhanced root cause analysis and streamlined workflows.
  • Delivers immediate value without expensive customization, minimizing total cost of ownership and ROI.
  • Empowers organizations to provide safety training through online, instructor-led virtual courses.

Key Functionalities:

OSHA Compliance

  • Program Management & Compliance
  • OSHA Standard Reporting
  • Data Analytics & Drill Down Dashboards
  • Predictive Compliance

Return to Work

  • Program and Policy Management
  • Assessment of Fitness for Resumption of Duty
  • Employee Services

Workers’ Compensation Cloud

  • Case Management
  • Claims Process
  • Billing and Bill Review

Credential Management

  • Auto-Update of Credentialing Data
  • CME Management

Industrial Hygiene

  • Exposure Assessment

Incident Management

  • Incident Reporting
  • CAPA Workflows

Workplace Health Safety Quality Management for Health Systems

Workplace Health Safety Quality Management