Features Analysis

Platform FeaturesAvailable in XDP?Available in Competitor*?Additional Notes
Low-code Cloud-based Digital Acceleration PlatformYesNoXDP is the only Cloud-based Digital Acceleration Platform in the marketplace.
Rapid configuration engine

Unified Integration Framework

YesNoXDP’s modern architecture enables rapid configuration, deployment and API integration with enterprise apps.
Dynamic Workflow design

Rapid Form design

Individualized Dashboards

Yes+PartialXDP does not require complex coding effort, ‘lego like’ codesets make it extremely easy to create any form and dashboards are personalized to roles and configurable on demand.
Searches and Analytics
Rules Engine
Intelligent Team Design
YesNoXDP has a very strong multi-faceted search and rules engine, automating process and data movement for decision support through machine learning algorithms. Intelligent team building on a single cloud is unique to XDP with a skill matching algorithm.


Intelligent Content and Data MigrationYesNoXDP database architecture allows easy tagging of source data and automated transfer and syncing, making migration easy and rapid.
Incident Mgmt. & InvestigationYesNoOnly Xybion offers full Root Cause analysis – 5Ws, Fishbone, Failure mode and more.
Document Mgmt., Reports and Records MgmtYesYesXybion’s DMS is fully digital in the cloud. Does not require traditional file system storage. XDP allows the user to create reports on demand. Records can be archived digitally in the cloud.
QMS -Audit, CAPA, Complaint Mgmt.YesYesXDP QMS/Audit & CAPA Modules can be launched from within other critical modules or as a stand-alone activity to ensure all NCs ( Non-conformance) within the organization are adequately scrutinized and the root causes are identified to appropriately remediate them.
Compliance, Risk and SafetyYes+YesXybion has a patent pending predictive compliance and analytics leading to graphical “heat map” and risk index presentation. Xybion also has full end-to-end health, safety, OSHA mgmt., medical care and return to work module for workforce safety mgmt.
Research & Study Protocol Mgmt.

Medical, Clinical Case Management

YesNoXybion has taken live a global research protocol mgmt. platform for a major drug research organization. Xybion has a fully built Medical, Health, Scientific case management with quality, risk and compliances built in. Very useful for prospective, population studies.
Health Care low-code cloud.

Patient Portal, EHR, Occupational Health & Safety.

Clinical Trials & Health Information Mgmt.

YesNoXybion is unique in bringing all stakeholders patients, medical providers, employers, researchers, labs and payers on a single cloud platform. Xybion brings patient portal and medical exams, clinical data mgmt. and protocol mgmt. in a single cloud.Xybion Low Code platform has built-in clinical trial, patient recruiting, inclusion/exclusion criteria, protocol and case reporting.
Digital Lab, Specimen & Sample Mgmt.YesNoXybion has complete end-to-end lab execution system with all processes, SOPs, test methods digitization, training records, master schedules, QA, audit trail, audit and compliance already embedded in the platform. Bio-specimen analysis is also integrated with various analyzers and pathology instruments, image management and observation records. This is live at various highly regulated laboratories.
Accreditation & CredentialingYesNoXybion’s Accreditation platform automates intake of applicants, audit & inspection against over 100 different statues and standards, internal reviews, external audits, integration with financial systems, all employee skills and resume databases and calendars fully integrated for intelligent scheduling and team formation relevant for the particular accreditation program. This allows both accreditation bodies and approved organization to be always in compliance state, ready for re-certification.