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Migration Studio Desktop

Vital Path Migration Studio Desktop

Migration Studio Desktop “MSD” is an end user focused product that offers the capability to very easily connect and move content, objects and other important information related to your source system to a new target destination of you choosing.

MSD is not a toolkit, which requires hidden service costs to function. This software will empower any user to migrate their own content and associated metadata from similar or disparate content repositories with ease and confidence.

MSD is a self-sufficient product designed from the ground up from a user’s perspective.   A lot of time and effort went into simplifying the installation and configuration process of  MSD, so that the entire process would be as simple and intuitive as possible. Users of the software will be up and running within minutes, without the need of training, professional services, or long and complex installation manuals.



Migration Studio will make your migration projects easy by:

Allowing end users to migrate their content without the need to hire expensive consultants or to have programming experience. The entire migration process is done in our intuitive graphical interface and not through complex scripting that requires a computer science degree to understand.

Finishing migrations in the event of unexpected interruptions.  Fearing the thought of having to clean your destination repository because of partially completed migrations due to power failure or connectivity loss?Then fear no more because MSD was specifically designed to complete migrations that failed for whatever reason. When connection is reestablished, our “Continue Migration” feature picks up from the point of failure and will continue until all objects within that job are successfully migrated.

Using a familiar, Windows like, drag and drop interface to facilitate your migrations. From our Repository Browser, you can view your content and select individual objects, directories, or even a whole site, room, or cabinet and drag them to your destination.

Enabling attribute mapping in a point and click interface. Once connected, MSD will display all your content types and their associated metadata, including custom created objects. Simply choose your source attribute, then the destination and click the add button. Attribute mapping was never this easy!

Performing upgrades or consolidations between like systems without requiring you to create mapping or custom types. Don’t waste your time creating all those custom data types in your upgraded, destination system, just drag them over from your source system using Vital Path MSD and we will take care of the rest.   Allowing your business users to continue to work in the source system while you perform the migrations. With Delta Migrations there is no interruption to the normal business operation while you move from one content system to another. Who wants to interrupt normal business operations while you move from one content system to another?

Re-processing all failed objects. Whether this is because of incorrect  attribute mapping, attribute values being too long for your destination system, or maybe you just forgot to map required attributes, these are all errors that will occur on even the most thought out migrations. The difficult part is how to find and re-process just those failed objects, which might be scattered among any number of other objects or buried within a complex folder or object structure. MSD allows for a simple, yet very powerful, one click re-execution of all failed objects for your selected migration job, so you don’t have to waste your time.

Acting as a middleware and not an ETL tool. Because we built this system with middleware in mind, we don’t store your data on another hard drive or server while we migrate. The content is quickly passed through our server on its way to your destination repository. This means if you are migrating 500GBs of content, you don’t need another 500Gbs of storage space between your source and destination repositories that might open up your business to validation and security issues.